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Sustainable storage jars from ajaa!

Are you looking for sustainable storage jars that are not made from conventional plastic? With the storage jars from ajaa! you will find storage boxes for the kitchen that Made entirely from renewable and environmentally friendly raw materials  consist! Our storage boxes are 100% sugar cane juice and minerals, nothing else. The storage containers are ideal for kitchen storage. In addition, our sustainable storage boxesfreeze-proof- You can also freeze the cans and store your frozen foods without conventional plastic.

Unpacked container: The perfect companion even for unpacked shops

Our sustainable storage jars are also fantastic as containers for unpacked shops! Through theenvironmentally friendly ingredients  The sustainable cans are ideally suited to transport food without coming into contact with plasticizers or other dangerous substances. In addition, they are leak-proof and ideally suited for keeping freshly packaged food fresh.

Practical storage boxes for the kitchen

The storage containers from ajaa! impress with apractical, angular design, come in different sizes and can be stacked easily. This makes it child's play to keep the kitchen tidy and make optimal use of the storage space. Our are suitable for on the go, work, school or daycaresustainable lunch boxeswhich, thanks to their handy format, fit perfectly in every pocket and backpack.


Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Conventional plastic is made from petroleum - there are efforts to recycle this plastic, but unfortunately a lot of plastic is either burned or remains in nature and pollutes it.

Our storage boxes consist ofSugar cane juice and minerals  - These materials are easier to recycle and do not contain harmful substances. With ourssustainable and vegan  Products also contribute a part to helping the environment. We from ajaa! also offer you the option of sending broken or old products back to us so that they can be returned to the production cycle. So even fewer resources are used!

Sustainable storage jars from ajaa! you can order directly here in the online shop and in a few working days you can hold your can in your hands.



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