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Sustainable drinking bottles of ajaa!

Sustainable drinking bottles of ajaa! - PureFeel and pure kids

drink Enough water every day - with our practical and sustainable drinking bottles is child's play. The ajaa! Water bottles are free of conventional plastic from petroleum, and are made entirely fromsustainable raw materials. PureFeel and pure kids stand for sugar cane juice and minerals, and nothing else. There are no plasticizers are added. The drinking health bottles are thus completely harmless. In addition, our bottles are food safe and completely neutral in taste and odour. The sustainable drinking bottle PureFeel and pure kids are available in various practical sizes and also dishwasher-safe.

PureFeel: The perfect companion to Take away

Our bottles of water without softeners are modern, sleek Design are the perfect bottles to Take away. The tough everyday companions, are the sustainable Material is alsoshatterproofand can, without hesitation, in any bag or backpack can be placed. Stick with the water bottleslightweight and portable, so are a fantastic Alternative to bottles made of glass or metal. With a capacity of 800ml, the PureFeel-to-drink bottle is handy and suitable for every lifestyle - no matter whether for travelling, for Sport or for the office.

Pure kids: The Sustainable drinking bottle for kids

Even for the Smallest of our water bottles suitable. The pure kids bottle has a compact volume of 400ml and is like the big sister - made from100% sustainableand shatter-resistant Material. So you can go in the turbulent life of your children is nothing broken. The small bottle is perfect for school and Kindergarten: So it is not only by its compact size for backpack and bag, she is alsoleak-proof!​

That we understand under sustainable drinking bottles

We of ajaa! have set ourselves the goal of a far-reachingcontribution to environmental protection in Germany to make - that's why we usesustainable materials without any BPA or melamine, and formaldehyde resins. The bottles of ajaa! be local the South of Germany, an additional environmental burden due to long transport routes is avoided. In order to reduce the additional consumption of resources we offer, wanted, or defective products of ajaa! send it back to us. Thus, we can exploit the full Material again and give it a new life. So it will be discarded no resources, the Material remains in the Production cycle and it still consumes less raw materials. If you are convinced of our Mission, we want to encourage you to support our startnext-campaign - ajaa! Fans of the first hours can here exclusive bonuses and discounts save.


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