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Freezing doses of ajaa!

freezer containers made from sustainable materials of ajaa!

Who wants to store food for long, freeze it. Usually it picks up to doses of conventional plastic and freezer bags. With the freezing doses of ajaa! there is an environmentally friendly Alternative, without plasticizers or other harmful substances. In the fresh doses of ajaa! you can freeze a variety of foods and store with no plastic from petroleum, the boxes are freeze-resistant and food-safe.

Frozen food safely stow away

Our boxes to Freeze are available in different sizes, such as 600 ml, 1400 ml or 2100 ml capacity, and a convenient, square Design. So they are best suited for storage in the freezer. Each Box comes with a color ringin natural rubber delivered, it simply makes the individual boxes from each other to distinguish and to mark. The Organizing of the frozen food is so easy!

Eco-friendly boxes for Freezing

, We ajaa! want to make a contribution to environmental protection - that is why the ajaa are! Freezer containers made from sustainable materials. For the production of ajaa! Products is used not a conventional plastic from petroleum. Instead be used in the manufacture of cane sugar juice and minerals - in contrast to conventional plastic that is of ajaa! the Material used in a sustainable and completely free of toxic substances such as plasticizers! The Material can be easily recycled and is completely vegan. As an additional Service we offer you, broken or not needed anymore, freeze cans to take back. We recycle the materials and to complete the production cycle. So, it can be ensured that no raw materials are wasted.

Freeze cans & food storage containers online

freeze doses of ajaa! you can order directly here in our Online Shop. We deliver with DHL, and after 2-4 days you can start with the Freezing of your food.

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