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Yeliz introduces himself

Your job / position at ajaa!

I am with ajaa! started as a project manager. For me, the attraction of diverse, exciting and sustainable projects and coordinating them was very high. I am also responsible for organizational development, process design, and optimization.
Especially in a company like ajaa!  which is innovative and likes to go new ways, there are many free design spaces.  In such an environment you can create new standards with unusual concepts.


1. How do you describe the spirit at ajaa! - what is special?

To ajaa! everything is extraordinary. It starts with our founder and managing director Raphael. His person is reflected in the ajaa! Products again. If you could describe it in three words, the keywords would be sustainable, fun and lifestyle. The team is also pretty authentic! Working in such an environment, people with visions and ideals, is exactly the team where I feel comfortable and is fun.

2. Why did you choose to work with ajaa! decided?

The flexibility and openness the ajaa! offers, fits exactly to my lifestyle as a single mother with 2 kids. In addition, the thought of being able to make a difference with my work is very motivating. The company and the products convince me across the board. I like to work at ajaa! With full conviction!

3. What do you bring in in terms of know-how and what do you want to advance with ajaa!

As an ambitious organization and project manager, I accepted the challenge ajaa! support in achieving the goals. In addition to extensive knowledge in the area of ​​organization, I have good knowledge in the area of ​​project management. I also have extensive knowledge of project implementation and adaptation of the associated processes. I support ajaa! with my skills as a project manager in strategic and operational tasks. I hope with ajaa! Contribute ideas to break new ground.
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